Google Summer Of Code 2015 with RTEMS

I got selected for GSoC 2015 with RTEMS. This project aims to improve the BSP support for BeagleBoneBlack.

GSoC 2015:
Google Summer of Code is a program conducted by google in association with various open source organizations where students from all over the world can contribute to the projects during the summer. This year 137 organizations have been selected. 1051 students will be participating this year. Google pays a stipend of $5500 to every student (yay!). We also get to work with a open source project and interact with the experts. I will be working with RTEMS project.
GSoC homepage

RTEMS(Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems) is an open source real time os. It supports various architectures and various hw boards available in the market. 10 students have been selected to work with RTEMS this year. I will be working to improve the Beagle BSP support in RTEMS.
RTEMS homepage

Beaglebone Black:
Beaglebone black is a development board by Texas Instruments(TI). It has a AM335x SoC which has a ARM processor and supports various functionalities. In this project we will be adding support for networking in BBB with rtems.

I will adding the list of posts I make for this project here

Project Overview


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